Campanella built-in desk

A simple built-in desk, with adjustable shelves, pencil and file drawers and a removable panel in the knee-space to hide computer wires (see last pic). The drawer boxes are solid dovetailed maple with Blum undermount sides. To be able to fit everything into the tiny elevator I constructed it in 7 major components that had been pre-assembled in the shop. I also pre-cut all of the copes and miters on the trim pieces, to make for less cutting indoors. It is made of cherry ply and cherry solids with 4 coats of Arm-R-Seal.

After the installation I felt that the cherry looked very pale next to the Stickley antiques in the room. The clients were away for a few more days so I thought I’d try an experiment- I bought a few heavy duty UV reptile bulbs and left them on to see if they would speed the darkening process. After 24 hours I returned and removed a strategically placed piece of painters tape and there was a slight but noticable difference. I left the lights on for a few more days and it actually helped, thankfully the guy at the pet store told me he would accept the bulbs back for a full refund- because he wanted to know if would work too.