Morris chairs…

This fall I told my wife I’d build us a rocking chair of her choice for us to rock our soon to be born baby in (this is our first child and due in April). After looking at a few styles she chose a morris chair.

I’ve only helped to build a couple of chairs and none were rockers, so I did a decent amount of research before coming up with a design. The one I settled on is pretty close to an old Stickley design, with a few proportional changes. I decided to build two chairs, one a rocker and one not. Given the time involved in set-up and the jigs to be made, I guessed it would only add another 1/3 of the time to build a second chair. The second chair will be for sale when they’re done.

I purchased the quarter-sawn white oak lumber from Sears Trostel in Fort Collins- they had a great selection and I picked through it to get the best boards I could find. For fabric we chose an authentic William Morris design printed in England by Laura’s Beau. For a William Morris fabric the price was fantastic and they somehow had it affordably shipped here in 3 business days. How is that possible?

Through a number of posts I’ll show some of the progress of the chairs…


Another Mudroom

I did this mudroom a couple of years ago- it’s very similar the the Fridy mudroom. Sorry the pics are kind of tight, the room is pretty small and I had a hard time getting a good angle. In a space that used to be for a washer and dryer, the bench floats on the same corbel design as the Fridy’s but this one has a shoe shelf instead of drawers. Other changes are a slightly more modern design, bench top material and a door for access to the old washer hook-up. Materials are mdf, 3/4″ birch ply, poplar and sapele.

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