Silverman vanity

This vanity and accompanying shelves have a sleek, straight forward, modern design. The cabinet is built of 3/4″ pre-finished maple ply and the rest is 3/4″ teak marine ply and teak solids. The drawers boxes are dovetailed solid maple and there is trash pull-out in the center. The main challenge was laying out the cuts for the teak plywood while taking into account the width of the door gaps and solid edging in order to get a consistent continuous grain.


Walnut entertainment / wine refrigerator cabinet

This cabinet holds audio / video equipment as well as two wine refrigerators. Built in three pieces, the insides are 3/4″ pre-finished maple ply, the door panels are bookmatched curly walnut veneer and the rest is solid walnut. The top row of drawers are dovetailed maple boxes, the lower 3 drawer facesĀ  on the left and right are actually doors hiding AV equipment.


Built-in bed

This project not only created a lot useful storage space, but also made room for a full-size bed in what was an almost unusable guest-room. The ceiling of a tall staircase on the floor below protruded up through the floor of the guest room and created an angled “ramp” going from 12″ up the wall to about 16″ out onto the floor; so no furniture could be placed against one wall.

The bed covers the “ramp” and opens up the other side of the room for a desk.

Behind the door is a 48″ deep cabinet (to store rolled historic maps) and there are four drawers roughly 36″ deep X 25″ wide X 8″ high.

Constructed of- baltic birch ply and wormy elm (drawer fronts), quarter-sawn elm (door panels), birch, walnut and poplar solids.

UPDATE- After installing the bed I got a call from the client to tell me that the powder-post beetle larvae were still alive in the wormy elm drawer faces. The tell-tale sign of sawdust being ejected from the holes was proof that I hadn’t killed all of the little buggers. After failed attempts using a syringe to inject mineral spirits into the worm holes (I didn’t want to use any of the nasty insecticides I read about online and the drawer faces were too big to fit in my freezer) it occurred to me use the negative pressure of my veneer bag and vacuum pump to do the job. There has been no sign of the larvae or beetles since.


Matching oak side-tables

These matching tables are made of curly quarter-sawn white oak, have one adjustable shelf and are currently for sale. One table has book-matched solid oak panels, while the other has panels made of book-matched ash that was left-over from a recurve bow project. The pulls and hinges are made of solid antique brass in the style of Charles Rennie Mackintosh. At 29″ high they would make great nightstands or side-tables for a living room.