Cherry closet

Here are a few pics of the last project I worked on in Colorado. It’s a master closet;  consisting of vertical partitions between hanging rods, shelves and 3 cabinets. The “dresser” is 4′ high and the other pic shows the cap detail for the vertical partitions that, due to the angled ceiling, did not have room for a shelf on top.

IMG_1184 IMG_1186 IMG_1189



We’ve moved…

Things have changed quite a bit in the last few months. I’m no longer located in Colorado- we’ve moved to Pittsburgh, PA! This has been part of our plans all along- we’re now closer to family and our old friends. My wife is wrapping up her PhD and we’re busy taking care of this guy…




Finished Bamboo

Here are a few pics of some of the finished bamboo shelving. I’ll get more (and higher quality) pics of the shelves and the speaker stands I made for the same client.

The shelving units are bare-edged 3/4″ bamboo ply, held together with slip tenons and finished with Sherwin Williams Kem Aqua water-bourne lacquer. They are anchored to the wall with  3″ sleeve anchors, the lights are dimmable LEDs.

IMG_1100_opti IMG_1111_opti IMG_1112_opti